A selection of client testimonials:


“I felt very safe and easy to open up to Bhavin. He is thoughtful, encouraging and insightful. During my session, I had realisations which helped me see past issues in a new light, I started to recognize and be in control of those emotions which were keeping me powerless and therefore restricting me from achieving my goals. Bhavin has helped me to move on and has set me on the right road to renewed self confidence and improved self-esteem.”

– Confidence and Self-Esteem client


“Hi Bhav listened to [recording] last night just before going to bed and felt really relaxed…had a car journey and a gig on Saturday with no issues at all!”

– IBS client


“Since seeing Bhav for hypnotherapy I have improved my concentration for study, and been able to focus on my work. I felt really comfortable working with him and would highly recommend him”

– Study and Exam Performance client


“Just thought I’d drop you an email to let you know that the [Best Man's] speech went very well on Saturday. I didn’t really feel nervous at all for the whole day and so was able to enjoy the wedding service and even the meal beforehand. When I got up to do the speech I felt comfortable straight away and found it easy to remember my speech – I didn’t even shake at all!”

- Confident Public Speaking client


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