Fears & Phobias

Fears and phobias


Fears and phobias raise an alarm to the body: that of fight, flight or freeze. While these systems are deeply ingrained in us for survival, at times they can be limiting to any individual despite feeling very real.

While at a thinking level people may know that they “shouldn’t” be feeling this way, the response of the body can be different. Inconvenient at best and debilitating at the extreme, hypnotherapy is an alternative to a pattern of avoiding situations that require confrontation.

Whether it’s a fear of flying, a fear or particular creatures or of heights, hypnotherapy accesses the positive and powerful role of that part of the mind that help overcome these feelings, in a safe environment. Varying the number, immediacy and size of that which makes an individual fearful, begins the process of taking back control. That level of healthy control, which allows every individual to be at ease when the need arises.

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