Pain Management

Pain management


Pain is a warning signal of a disturbance in the smooth functioning of the body, and no pain should ever be ignored.

After a medical consultation with your GP or doctor, it may be helpful to lessen the debilitating effects pain has on commanding our attention using hypnotherapy. A muscle or organ sensitized in the presence of a strong negative emotion for example, may continue to react with pain whenever that emotion occurs again in the future. Many aches and pains that we live with fall into this category – including some headaches and muscular pains like leg cramps or muscle spasms in the neck and back.

Pain management using hypnotherapy does not attempt to eradicate pain. Instead, it can be used to complement medical advice through the natural abilities of the subconscious mind by changing a pain into a more acceptable feeling, such as warmth, than to stop it.

When seeking assistance for pain management using hypnotherapy, please be expected to have had a medical consultation with a GP or doctor prior to attending the first session.

If you would like further information with regards to hypnotherapy and its application for pain management, please feel free to call 020 7971 7975 or make an enquiry and we will get back to you.